In a world full of conflict, and with weapon attacks happening every day we need to be environmentally alert and prepared and Escrima Concepts is one of the few systems of martial arts that deal with all types of emergencies in everyday life concerning both weapon and unarmed attacks. Many of our members are security personnel and have relied on Escrima Concepts training to control, defuse a situation or to do what is necessary depending on each given situation. It is a tested and proven art.

As we tell our members: “Weapons teach you what you must do not what you want to do.”

Escrima Concepts teaches its members how to train and combine body mechanics and weapon mechanics together from the very first time you begin to train and we have a steadily increasing student base teaching individuals, private security and police force members. Escrima Concepts is often requested to enhance and support other Martial Art Systems and has formed several partnerships across Europe or attend as guest instructors when time permits.

Being a conceptual system our aim is to help individuals to self-discover, as members learn and understand more they can adapt their training to suit their personal needs as we do not want clones copying teachers we want each person to get the most out of training for themselves. To enable our members to progress we have a syllabus that covers many basics that enable us to highlight our concepts to prepare for reality training.

Our Blade and Edged Weapon Awareness programmes have destroyed many myths that are taught concerning knife defences where a Feed the Fear strategy is developed to entice people to seminars. In Escrima Concepts we keep edged weapon training honest, direct and simple which we hope will increase your percentage of survival should you be unfortunate to find yourself in these positions.

Escrima Concepts is an intelligent and highly skilful art that has removed the showy techniques and tricks that although can be fun will actually create bad habits that can leave you untrained for a real-life threat when dealing with a determined aggressive attack. No teacher can guarantee your survival against dangerous attacks with weapons (or unarmed attacks) but with honest effective training and the correct mental preparation for conflict management we sincerely hope to increase your chances of survival.

Escrima Concepts continued mission is to sustain its no-nonsense combat system and through teaching our concepts we have provided much freedom and creativity for future instructors to build for the mutual benefit of everyone that trains with us as we plan for the future now!

Chief Instructor and founder Steve Tappin has over 30 years of experience in daily life skills, security and martial arts training behind, he was first introduced to Escrima/Eskrima in the 1970's when Escrima first hit Europe and has trained and worked with some of the best weapon and unarmed experts throughout the world. Steve has been through many changes in 30 years and acknowledges that Escrima will always progress (thanks to our younger members) and be adaptable for future generations.

Our instructors travel the world to train and teach to ensure our members get the best tuition for realistic armed and unarmed training in a hardworking but friendly and enjoyable environment.

Now Steve, with his son’s and European Instructors have evolved the system to a skilful reality based, effective, direct, honest, progressive and creative combat art that is:

Escrima Concepts “It’s Good To Be Us!”

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