Welcome to Escrima Concepts

This website is currently under construction, our new website will reflect the fast growing and international aspects of our organisation.

The Escrima Concepts Martial Art system is a simple and effective system that avoids the use of showy and overcomplicated techniques that do not work in today's society.

Chief Instructor Steve Tappin with his network of instructors throughout Europe have been teaching across the globe for 30 years and have many clubs throughout Europe.

Now more than ever everyone needs reality training that has been designed to work in all environments - it is a sad fact of life that many street crimes involve weapons and therefore people should be trained with weapons and unarmed skills together and Escrima Concepts meets these needs and has done for over 30 years to become a world-wide high profile martial art system.

Many security staff such as police, doorman, special forces and prison officers have trained in Escrima Concepts and many are now instructors passing on their knowledge, skills and experience.

Until the new website has been finished you can get in touch with us or keep up to date with seminars, summer camps and lessons using our official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EscrimaConcepts

Alternatively you can contact us by email with any enquires or questions regarding lessons and seminars. info@escrimaconcepts.com